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Would you like to find out more about NLP? If so, we have written a Free Guide to NLP just for you, which covers:
# How NLP Started    
# What is NLP Modelling?
# Does NLP provide value?    
# NLP Taught in Context
# What Will This Course Give Me?
# How Do I Know This - My Story
# We’ll Take You Further
# Universal Principles and Scientific Truths
# Walking the Talk - A Lifetime of Study
# What will This Course Allow Me to Do?
# Who Recognises NLP Qualifications?
# How is your Proficiency Assessed?
# Does that mean that I’m Qualified to Train?
# The True Spirit of NLP
Considering training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is in itself frought with challenges  and this is why we have written this guide for you.
It is aimed as dispelling many of the myths and misconceptions that abound in relation to NLP by giving you a broad overview into what NLP is, how it started and what you can gain from it.
Just as years ago a mobile phone was expensive to buy, difficult to use and the size and weight of two large house bricks, advances in technology mean that now they are the size of a small wallet, can fit inside your pocket, are relatively inexpensive and are more technically advanced than the first lunar module that landed on the moon.
And this is what we have done with NLP too. Due to advances in quantum science that have given us a greater insight than ever before into how people think and learn and the neurological make up of the brain, we can now teach you what you need to know, in less time, and at a much lower cost than ever before, to help you change your life for the better.
All you have to do is decide to do it!

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Mark Dawes